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11 June 2009 @ 11:22 am
The fam is planning a yard sale to raise money for Ollie's surgery. If anyone has anything they want to get rid of and would like to donate to the yard sale, let me know.
13 May 2009 @ 10:50 am
love of my lifeCollapse )
30 March 2009 @ 06:58 pm
They think they know what's wrong, and it's treatable. So, for now, things are looking good. I hope they stay this way.
27 March 2009 @ 11:57 pm
He's not getting better, and sometimes it seems worse. I don't know what to do. I can't lose him.
16 February 2009 @ 12:36 pm
my new favorite website is fmylife.com.

haha. hilarious.
15 December 2008 @ 12:45 pm


Apparently, my apartment isn't getting power back til friday. AWESOME!

also, my stupid work scheduled me for this week even though i told them months ago that i couldnt work this week. and now theyre mad at me. ummm, hello, im not even in the area. its a state of emergency, be pissed all you want, you cant fire me over not coming in anyway.
04 December 2008 @ 03:24 pm
There was totally a car chase that ended literally in front of my apartment. AWESOME. I couldn't even get here.

The guy robbed a bank and then fled. blah blah blah, watch the news for Fitchburg. What a great idea it was to come here.
03 November 2008 @ 07:48 pm
This is my horoscope for today.

3/21 – 4/19
It's perfectly acceptable to rely on the support of friends and family to see you through the tough times -- after all, they love doing it. But at a certain time you have to get back to normal life, and start dealing with your emotions on your own. You can do this -- you have done it before, and you will have to do it again, probably. Move away from the caring-but-limiting arms of loved ones. Go off on your own and remind yourself that being independent is the healthiest way to be right now.

So that is what I shall do.
29 April 2008 @ 11:33 am
This is Oliver.

I will post more pictures later.

27 April 2008 @ 07:16 pm
We got a puppy!!!

His name is Oliver Twist/ Oliver / Olly. He is a chocolate lab, 2 years old and adorable.

I will post pictures soon.